DOB: 17.09.2001, male
Date of Death: 25.10.2014
Breeder: Satu Latva-Kyyny, Kauhajoki

Height: 49,6cm 5.3.2010
Weight: appr. 13,5 kg

Hobbies: Hobbies: Agility(1xCC), Lure-Coursing (3xCC), Track Racing, Showing (FI&PL CH) and Water-rescue.

Participated also in trainings of blood-tracking, obedience, rally-obedience, search (rubble and tracking) and sheep herding.

At Finnish Breeding Database: KoiraNet
At The Whippet Archives: TWA
Additional health information at the database of the Finnish Whippet Club (Whippet-Harrastajat ry)


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